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About Our Granting Program

For many emerging artists and organizations, the most hindering expense is the venue.  The Creative Fund’s goal is to help cover a portion, if not all, of that burden. We are partnering with a variety of Austin venues to facilitate an easy application and funding process.

If Your Work Is:

● Something that must be performed

● Created by and/or showcasing Austin artists

● Interesting and Cutting Edge

Then we encourage you to submit an application!

Current Grant Cycle is Open

Deadline is December 15, 2023

Our Grant Process

We understand that there is not a “one shoe fits all” for emerging artists or organizations, so there are no rules to our criteria. Instead, we are looking to support like-minded, arts-focused, passionate individuals and organizations who are looking to elevate Austin arts and have a strong plan of how they will contribute to this effort.

Judging Panel

Three times a year, applications will be reviewed by a panel, selected based on their experience in the field and the types of applications received. The review panel is comprised of:

  • Subject Matter Experts

  • A Creative Fund Board Member

  • A Creative Fund Program Committee Member

  • A Creative Fund Member at Large

Judging Rubric

​Work is judged based on the following criteria

  • Project details display a well thought out and achievable project

  • Cohesive and effective marketing plan

  • Community interest

  • The work supports The Creative Fund’s mission. (e.g. interesting, cutting edge, enlightening and/or life changing)


Artists receive funding for performances at any venue in Austin. Our goal is to provide artists with a location to showcase their work, take care of all the steps necessary to get the word out and share their innovative work with the community. Awards are typically announced whiten 3 weeks of our deadline closing. 

To date we have granted over


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